Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween at the Wiltshire's.

I spent this evening putting together the finishing touches on our Halloween and Fall decorations, and thought I'd share some sneak peaks!

I'm so excited to finally have a mantle! I haven't had one to decorate since I lived with my mom. I just went to my trusty accessory bin and pulled out some random purple, black, clear and off white accessories. Purple, orange and black are my favorite Halloweenish colors, so I used that throughout the room.

I photoshopped the background our of this picture of our niece dressed as a pumpkin :)

I've had that star/moon candle holder for over half my life, and I thought it gave a little bit of spook. The candle holder is a wedding favor with our $1 yankee candles we got a month back. I printed off a picture of a black cat and stuck it in the jar. The purple candle is from a feng shui kit from my stepmom, and the far right hurricane glass candle holder was part of our wedding decorations.

The bat shade idea is from good old Martha Stewart. I also used some purple and black 50 cent Ikea candle holders and some fake leaves to go with my purple/black/orange theme.

Another fun decoration I've had most of my life, that big ugly rat. I have this thing for animals that are so ugly they're cute. This poor thing is one of them! I got that purple goblet a couple years ago well after halloween was over. It has glittery spiders on it! I filled it with our cork collection and set it on a coaster that goes to a saucer set we never used. I currently use the saucers as supply holders in my craft room.

My favorite all-season go-to decoration: the white platter! Drew often takes it to make dinner, but he kindly washes it off quickly for me to put back out. I got some autumn potpurri to go with the fake leaves I have spread around. The big candle holder was actually from a christmas sale about 3 years ago. When the candle is lit, the interior sparkles like crazy. And again, more of those wedding favors!

I finished these a while back, but I'm so proud of them. I've gotten to where I can whip up a pillow in about 10 minutes, zipper and all. They're so incredibly comfy since I splurged and got a fancy pillow stuffer. It was well worth the $10! Now that I made the initial investment for the pillow stuffer, I can make up a new pillow for about $5 a pop. You can't beat that with a stick.

Poor Drew. While I'm in here having fun decorating and blogging, he's in the dining room sick and studying for our "vacation" this week. We're going to PA for a study session for his certification test. Rupert was hungry while we were out grocery shopping and decided to eat his homework. Really! And that orange highlighter turns up all over the house. We went to bed last night and found it under the covers.

More Martha Stewart love... our beautiful cake stand! Also our favorite: green apples! I could dedicate a whole post to our love for green apples, but I'll spare you. Just know that was the common interest we shared when we first met. It's sad.

And in my spare time I've been working on sewing my first dress with my first pattern. It's taking me a while since I'm not working on it straight, but it's coming along nicely!

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  1. Thanks for thinking my baby girl is pretty enough to decorate with. :) I am enjoying reading your blog.