Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Roomboard: Green with Envy.

I decided to take a stab at planning an entire room around nothing but one photograph as inspiration. Surprisingly, it was easier than I thought. So P.S., if you have a favorite photograph of a room or person, send it over for me to dissect!

I used this photo as inspiration:

Which became this:

Now I'll break down how I went from a swanky hotel to... a bathroom.

  1. The paint choices. Black, White, Kelly Green, and Black and White prints. In this room, paint the walls Kelly Green, the vanity black and the mirror frame white.
  2. The shape of the mirror pulls from the trim around those shelves that hold the bottles in the back wall.
  3. The design of the shower curtain and vanity lights pull from the chandelier.
  4. The light wood choice pulls from the liquor in the bottles.
  5. The line of ceramic accessories that would go on the light wood shelves comes from the row of white chairs at the bar.
  6. The vanity of course comes from those FABULOUS chairs in the foreground that have a white top trim and are a mostly dark color.
  7. The smaller chairs in front of the huge ones even looked like toilets, so that's what spun off into the idea for a bathroom in the first place.
  8. Glass drawer knobs mimic all the shiny glass surfaces in the picture.

All the accessories like soap dispensers, tissue holders or whatever cutesy stuff you might want could be any black and white print (houndstooth, damask, checkerboard.. they would all go with the simple shower curtain, which was the reason I picked it) or more bamboo. However, the bamboo would pop more on the vanity and give it a more earthy feel. Your choice which you would prefer depending on taste. Everything I put in my board came from Target, Home Depot, and a Google Shopping search. For all the accessories and paint combined, it came to a grand total of $375.

There you have it. It was so much fun to pick apart and give a new spin on an already fabulous room. There will definitely be more in the future. So bring on more inspirational photos!

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