Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Roomboard: Still Seeing Green.

I received quite a bit of positive feedback on the bathroom, so I made a master bedroom to go along with the bathroom. I'm not one to make rooms flow together so intentionally, but I created a much more subdued version of the bathroom to make it feel like a relaxing master, but still had a lot of flow with the bathroom. Bonus points if they actually connect! Here's the inspiration board for the bathroom again:

Using this photo as my inspiration this time:

Here is the master bedroom, this time full on photoshop model:
All of the accessories, bedspread, wall graphic and lamps can be purchased at Target. Everything else was Google Shopping searched, but can be mimiced with more Target furniture. The mirror vanity is a huge splurge, as are the Louis Ghost chair in black and that Kelly Green headboard no matter where you find it, but so worth it, right?

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