Sunday, October 18, 2009

Engagement Chicken.

In honor of our 6 month wedding anniversary, I present to you the story of the Engagement Chicken:

I read an article last year in Glamour about a chicken that claimed an engagement is in your future after making this feast. I convinced Drew to whip it up for us on September 25 of last year, since I really shouldn't be trusted in the kitchen. Especially not with something this involved! However, I let him know the name of it, and the back story (pretty much blowing the whole point, right?). He tried to convince me that it was dumb, and the poor chicken turned out awful. Oh well, it was all in good fun.

As it turns out, he had already purchased my ring on September 18th! So although the chicken didn't convince him to buy the ring (heck, I couldn't even make the meal) an engagement did occur just 2 weeks later! And I had no. freaking. idea.
I would like to thank my little cooked friend for boosting the process though, even just in theory! So if you want to try your luck and hitch your man... sacrifice a baby chicken! Fair warning, shoving that lemon in it's hiney is extremely awkward, but sure to give a few laughs. Which may just bring you close enough together there's no way he WOULDN'T want to marry you!

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