Monday, October 19, 2009

Engagement Anniversary.

I know, two posts in a row about engagements. We just spent our "engagement anniversary" at the place he proposed this past weekend! We drove an hour to get to Carter Mountain, and then spent 40 minutes, uphill, in a manual transmission car, trying to get from the street to the parking lot. It was good to get out of the car!

Enjoying some scenery at the spot he proposed at a year ago :)

Awesome dad award. Radio flyer wagon and a mickey mouse shirt? Don't think he can get much cooler!
Check out Drew representing the wedding date shirt :)

This about sums up how we felt about driving an hour and 40 minutes, and they didn't have a SINGLE granny smith apple, the one apple we came to pick!
So we drove to my old work (I can't believe I drove this 60 mile commute every day!) to play with the geese and take a walk around the pond.
While my Mini waited patiently for another fun ride :)

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