Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm in Philly!

Drew signed up for a review class for his CFP class in Philly, and I decided to trail along with him. We got in yesterday afternoon, and after google maps helped us to the wrong hotel (but with the correct address!) we finally arrived at our *correct* hotel room. We went down to the front desk and asked them where our complimentary afternoon snack was, and they decided to show their definition of professionalism by proceeding to joke with us about how basically, we aren't getting a snack. We were confused considering he got a room that had a complimentary breakfast, afternoon snack and dessert, according to the website when he booked it. We were upset, but since we couldn't get a straight answer out of the pathetic front desk staff, we went back to our room to unpack before hitting the town. Found out our room is right next to the take-off and landing pads at the airport!

We were driving down the highway looking for a place to explore, when OH MY GOD IKEA sign popped up in our view. We pulled off immediately, and got the awesome $2 combo (that feeds the both of us!) and hit the as-is section. Amazingly, they had more of our cabinet doors we're stocking up on for the kitchen remodel, but it was attached to some broken drawers. We got our other doors for $3 a piece, normally $40!! I decided not to look around anymore since he would be in class all day Friday, so I would just walk around alone later. We decided to hit Best Buy next door and broke down and purchased a GPS before heading downtown. That was the single "best buy" (har har) we made so far, as we drove around 2 hours looking for a place to park even WITH the GPS! So we parked by a bay and got some shots before searching for the best reviewed brewery closeby.

The pizza was to die for, service not so much. Since they didn't have any cidery beers, I'm not going to comment on that one!

Anyhow, I'll be writing more about this trip as the days go on, since I have nothing to do but relax in this chaise by the window watching the planes land next to my hotel window. It's now raining, the wind is blowing hard, and I'm glad I'm not dealing with the turbulence along with those plane passengers.

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