Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spicing Things Up.

Autumn always wins over my heart, and begs me to decorate in oranges, reds, browns and gold glitter. So I spread some fake leaves around all my centerpieces, showcased some green apples, sewed together some autumny (and one with gold glitter!) pillowcases, and lit up some delicious Fall Yankee Candles we scored for $1 and placed them in our wedding favor jars. I'll be sure to make another post about those things within the coming days. But in this post, I'm going to focus on the punches of orange I had to put in the bathroom to spice things up. I THOUGHT I was done messing with that room, but I was waiting for some paint to mix and took a stroll down the spray paint aisle. Having Home Depot down the street really is dangerous. But this orange rustoleum paint was screaming for something to spray in my home.

So, I let it have it's way. And I'm very pleased he decided to come home with me and make our bathroom a much more vibrant, happy place:

I framed a picture of my old Liquid Yellow Mini Cooper that I took at the peak of leaf changing at my dad's house in Bumpass. I absolutely love that picture. I just wish it was taken with something better than a 3MP camera. The newly spray painted frame really makes the leaves pop. The frame was used at my grandmothers funeral, so I kept it and wanted to use it for something happier.

See that cute little orange treasure? When I was younger, I actually collected toilet toys. This one went with one of my dolls, and it was a perfect 80's colored seafoam green and coral toilet. It has settled in nicely in it's new beautiful orangey hue.

I cheated with that jewelry stand though. It came orange, from Ikea. For $5, it packs another nice punch in the decor. I hope you enjoy this room as much as I do! (or as much as one could enjoy a bathroom!)

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